Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

We packed up our car with the tent, plenty of food, a toddler, and a dog and headed out for a mini camping adventure to kick off Father's Day weekend. I'm pretty sure E and Cali could live on a campsite; there's nothing about the experience they don't absolutely enjoy. E loved the dirt, the small treasures she found scattered throughout the site, the tent, and the freedom. She was the perfect age (18 months) for toddling around, often finding uneven terrain to practice walking, going back and forth over the same spots countless times as she mastered her balance and coordination. She's a tough little cookie and didn't mind taking occasional tumbles in the name of exploration. We didn't realize just how many tumbles until we were back home and looked at her scraped and scabbed knees, but she was unfazed. We got to try out our newest baby carrier, and E fell asleep in it before we even walked to the trail to begin our hike. She slept on daddy's back for the entire two hour hike, so it appears to be as comfortable for her as it is for us. We enjoyed spending time outside and relaxing with friends, but were really happy to be home, unpacked, and showered by dinner on Saturday :)

Sunday was filled with church and celebrating E's dad, grandpa, and great grandpa. It's always fun to sit back and enjoy some family time.

All Set!

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