Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ode to Target

I hate the way your dollar isle
Draws me in, fills my car
I hate the way your darn Wi-Fi
gives no signal, not a bar

I hate the way your app won't launch
On the network all your own
I hate the way I need to scan
Every item with my phone

My kids run wild and fill the cart
While I will the app to scan
Just to find I saved five cents
This was such a lousy plan

Your app thinks saving is a game
with levels to unlock
I'm no gamer this is not fun
my time it seems to mock

I hate the way I cannot find
the deals that I most need
Cartwheel takes so long to load
with nigh an endless feed

I come for diapers and shampoo
but always leave with more.
Who can resist your clearance racks
I hate the way I score

I hate the way your buyers know
Exactly what I'm lacking
Some wall decor, pillows and food
Perhaps a bit of string

I hate the way that one quick trip
Never fails to cost a lot
I try and try to turn blind eye
But really I cannot

I hate the way your Circo brand
has vanished without trace
I loved those socks for baby boy
No others can replace

I hate the way I always come
I'm sure it's accidental
I hate the way I don't hate you
well maybe just a little

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