Friday, November 30, 2012

Favorite Things Friday - Birthdays!

This week is a little heavy on birthdays in our household. Chou and E's birthdays are one day apart and this year is 30 for Chou and 1 for E. Both pretty big birthdays!

I love that each of us gets one day a year to feel extra special! Chou didn't grow up celebrating birthdays and he's not even certain that his celebrated birthday is indeed the actual day he was born. Crazy! But he's completely embraced the tradition and would be happy for the entire world to stop and recognize him on his birthday.

We had fun celebrating Chou's birthday with friends. We did it a little early so that he would be completely surprised and to give him his own day apart from E's without feeling like he was stealing the spotlight. It's not going to be like this every year, but totally worth it for his 30th!

So for now, Happy Birthday, Chou and Happy Birthday, E! Hope you both feel special, loved, and appreciated today and everyday!!

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