Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Eating us out of house and home

E is 13 months and hungry. Really, really hungry. It's like someone told her she's in the tenth percentile and she suddenly feels the need to catch up. In a day. Or maybe she feels the need to live up to her last name, just like her daddy. Regardless, keeping up with her appetite is nearly impossible, even with a chef in the house.

I'm ready!

This is what she ate today:

7:00 am - Nursed and then I cooked four eggs for us to share, and she ate three.

9:00 am - Bowl of peas and some cheese

11:00 am - Leftover shepherd's pie (normally she'd eat a smoothie, but we killed our kefir again)

1:00 pm - Chicken enchilada

2:00 pm - Nursed

4:30 pm - I grabbed two grapefruits to share. She ate one and a half and would have kept going if I had let her.

6:00 pm - Brussels sprouts this point, we were about out of anything original to feed her :)

9:00 pm - Brussels sprouts, sauteed kale and broccoli with quinoa and creme fraiche

11:15 pm - Roasted veggies came out of the oven and she had a small sampling

12:00 am - She'll nurse again before bed, and probably once during the night.

Needless to say, she's eating us out of house and home. Every time I sit down to grab a bite to eat, she ends up eating the majority of my food. I seriously thought she'd outgrow the need to eat every two hours, and she will eventually, but I guess we're just not there yet. 

sometimes spooning just isn't fast enough

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