Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 New Year's Resolution

Have you ever had a relationship that repeatedly failed no matter how much you invested in it? One that you feel you gave it your best shot, and for some reason it just never worked out? You tried giving it distance and still got burned in the end?

Valentine's Day 2012
This is my relationship with Babies "R" Us. No joke. Their employees are always incredibly nice and try to be helpful, but time after time I get burned there. On December 31st, 2011 when E was less than a month old, I walked out of the store and solemnly vowed to not shop there in 2012. That was my one and only New Year's resolution. I held strong until October when we decided we really needed to go order the bed rails to convert E's crib into a full size bed before they decided to discontinue it and we were left with a headboard and footboard and matching dresser but no bed rails. Seemed logical enough and a valid reason to break my oath, and they were on sale. Plus, E is in a phase where she is not really into her crib hates her crib with a passion, and being able to convert it will help us feel like we're still able to get our money's worth out of it. So in mid-October Chou and I walked into the store for the first time in 2012 and ordered the rails. We were told they'd take up to three months (or something like that) to come in. No big deal. We're not in a hurry

So the week of Christmas they came in. Seriously?! We had seven days to pick them up, and didn't have a single day we could get them due to Christmas festivities and travelling, so we called to have them hold them an extra few days. We planned to pick them up on Saturday, but it snowed and we didn't want to waste E's first chance to experience snow worrying about bed rails. We called to delay again. No problem, they'll hold them til Monday. So this morning my parents swapped cars with us so we could use their van to get the rails. We ran into the store, loaded them up, and headed home. Chou pulled into an open street spot in front of the house and I reached behind my seat for my purse and caught a glimpse of the box. I wanted to scream. On the end of the box is written "French White". That would be lovely if E's crib were white. But it's not. They ordered the wrong ones. It's a special order and not returnable. 

I kid you not. I cannot win with this store. Ever!

I unbuckled E from her car seat and unloaded the van while Chou called the store. Chou was way more kind and gracious than I could have mustered at that moment, and after a rather long conversation, he assures me they'll fix it. They are out of stock in the warehouse right now so they can't be ordered yet (of course!) but when they come in, they'll order them, and in something like three months they'll be here and we can exchange the white ones for the espresso brown rails we want.

Good thing we weren't in a hurry :)

So for 2013, I think I'll stick with my resolve and realize that this relationship just won't work out. And maybe by Easter E will have the bed we bought in October...

May 2012

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