Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Stockings

I spent all Christmas season last year on the prowl for adorable and affordable Christmas stockings. We didn't do stockings growing up, but I love the idea of filling them with practical items or a few special treats. I want to start the tradition for E, so after a season of coming up empty handed I decided to sew my own this year.

I found adorable fabric at a local store and decided to go with this pattern. I made two red and two green stockings. I added a lining of an inexpensive off-white muslin.

To cut the solid colored main fabric for the boot of the stocking, I folded it in half, front sides facing, pinned the pattern on top and cut (pattern A/B). I did the same for the white lining (pattern A/B), the front and back cuffs in the ivy print (pattern C), and the solid colored loop (pattern D).

I sewed the main fabric for the boot, right sides together, leaving the top entirely open and unstitched. I then turned it right side out, using a chopstick to open up the toe.

I sewed the white lining fabric, right sides together, leaving an opening in the heel that was about 3 inches and left the top entirely open and unstitched. I left it inside out.

I sewed the cuffs, right sides together, and top opened. I then turned them right side out, using a chopstick to poke all the points out.

I made the loops lined as well just to add strength. I sewed two pieces the same color as the boot wrong sides together, then folded it in half lengthwise and sewed the edge down, and then turned it right side out and ironed it open and in half to create the loop.

To assemble, I pinned the front and back cuffs to the boot.

Then I put the pinned boot, cuffs and all, into the inside out lining like this, creating a stocking with the right sides facing each other:

I pinned all the edges together, added the folded loop, folded side down toward the heel, just under the lining layer, and sewed the whole way around the top.

It looked like this:

Then I pulled the green fabric out through the 3" hole in the heel like this:

I worked all the green fabric out and then worked on getting the lining right side out. And I ended up with this:

I hand sewed the hole closed.

And then tucked the lining into the boot and had an adorable lined stocking!

Then I made three more :)

E and I bought some real garland from a local store.

 Later, we checked all the lights. We have a grand total of one working strand. I guess we're buying new Christmas lights this year.

Since we lack a mantle, we hung the stockings by the railing. Not quite as poetic, but it works :)

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