Friday, December 7, 2012

Favorite Things Friday - Moby Wrap

Growing up, I was always that annoying kid who would stalk moms of infants in hopes of getting to hold the baby :) There is just something magical about snuggling a little one. Some of my most distinct memories of babysitting in middle and high school are of me rocking babies to sleep. There's just something so precious about helping a little one settle and relax into a peaceful sleep. I love it!

Before having E, I hadn't really thought much about parenting, or what methods we would or wouldn't use. However, rocking my own babies to sleep was something I was incredibly excited to experience. We completed her little nursery with the wooden rocking chair my parents had used for me and my sisters. Everything was perfect!

And then E came home :)

What I wasn't counting on was a little six pound baby who woke up screaming uncontrollably the minute she went from peacefully sleeping in your arms to being gently laid in any crib or seat. It was like a switch would go off and she'd be awake and angry. If we picked her back up right away, she'd go back to sleeping peacefully. (Upon further reading, I think we may have had better luck if we had waited a little longer after she was asleep to lay her down. It can take 20-30 minutes for newborns to get into a deep sleep.)

When she was four days old, I reconsidered my need for a baby carrier, and bought a Moby wrap.

Best. Decision. Ever.

We could tuck her into the Moby, rock her to sleep just by doing normal, everyday activities, and she'd take naps and stay asleep while we had two free hands and could still be productive. She would stay warm, her breathing regulated by ours, and she'd stay content. We could have the benefit of holding her a little extra while still being able to function. It was wonderful!

Baking Christmas Cookies, Dec 2011
At three or four months old, E started napping in her crib when we'd lay her down, but she still loves to be held while sleeping. 

Even now, if I tell Chou she had an off day, his response is, "oh, didn't you use the Moby?" It really is a lifesaver! And now that she's a little older, she gets really excited when she sees me getting it out. Last week she started clapping when she saw me wrapping it. And right now she's catching a nap in it after my vacuuming lulled her to sleep :)

And now that we've been rocking E to sleep for a year, I still love that time with her :) Unfortunately, she prefers that time with her daddy over me. I nurse her to sleep regularly, but if she wants to be rocked to sleep she wants her daddy every time. I love how much they love each other!

More often than not, E is not the only one to end up asleep :)
If you're considering a baby carrier, make sure it has great hip support like the Moby. I had no idea this was necessary when I bought the Moby, but have since learned and thought I'd pass the info along. Here's a link  showing things to look for in carriers and seats.

You can find more benefits of babywearing are listed here and here.

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  1. I loved my Moby:) Hopefully the next little girl will love being snuggled in it too as it will likely be even harder to just sit around and hold her this time!