Friday, October 19, 2012

Favorite Things Fridays - Bob Jogging Stroller

Shortly after E was born, Chou and I realized we would need a jogging stroller for jogging (duh!) and gliding over rough terrain, including, but not limited to, the city sidewalks we use several times a week.

I immediately started researching which stroller we should purchase. The blessing of nursing a newborn is that what feels like 95% of your day will be spent feeding your newborn for the first several months. This leaves endless amounts of time to sit and research online, but significantly less time to leave the house. After reading hundreds of reviews, I decided the Bob was probably the best choice for us.

The Bob Revolution SE has an amazing suspension system, a comfy seat for E, a rotating front wheel that can be locked (ideal for walking and running/rough terrain, respectively), a large sun canopy, and is really light. Additionally, it folds up smaller than our Chicco stroller and easily fits into the trunk of my Civic.

We test drove it and many other strollers in several local stores, and ended up removing our shoes to use as uneven terrain in the middle of the uber smooth store floor. Yup, we're that cool :) We were now incredibly in love with this stroller, but not so smitten with the price tag.

For the next several weeks we stalked craigslist, eBay, and our local consignment stores. We were appalled that 5-year-old strollers were being sold for almost the cost of a new one and eventually decided it just wasn't worth the price difference.

At this point we went back to researching and tried out the strollers in local stores again. And I found this review stating that the Bob had saved a baby's life. The Bob was completely unharmed as a car ran into it, squeezing it between two cars as the baby slept in the stroller. In the end, one car had damage but the Bob and baby were just fine. You just can't argue with a life-saving stroller!

So we waited it out and eventually found a great deal and got a new stroller, 40% off with no shipping costs. It is worth every penny! We love our Bob! We have taken it to the beach, on a camping trip, and all over the city's uneven sidewalks. We've even taken it jogging ;) My biggest complaint is that it is seemingly self propelled and my husband always leaves me in the dust while pushing it. Seriously.

But honestly, the one and only thing I don't love about this stroller is the five-point harness. The shoulder straps don't adjust small enough to fit my daughter. At 10 months old and approximately 16 pounds, she's a peanut in about the fifth percentile on the CDC growth charts, and I get that she's tiny. But seriously, it's a bit ridiculous that the harness doesn't adjust small enough for a 10 month old. Just to be fair, the harness on our Chicco stroller, which we have been using for E since birth, is also still too big for her.

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