Thursday, October 11, 2012


Last night, E woke me at 1am, choking and unable to breathe. I simultaneously jumped up, woke Chou, and grabbed E. I laid her belly down on my one hand, and used the other to gently pat her back. Almost immediately she began to projectile vomit all over my [clean] sheets.

And let me tell you, I have never in my life been so thankful that we cosleep. Before having E, I would never have dreamed about allowing my future children to sleep with me, and even last night as we were going to bed I was thinking that we really need to work on getting E to start the nights in her crib again (that stopped about a month ago when she started teething). Now I'm not so sure.

But I thank God she was in my bed last night, safely nestled next to me, and able to wake me when she needed help.

And tonight, I'll snuggle her extra close.

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