Friday, May 3, 2013


Ever have one of those days that's actually going somewhat according to plan? These are pretty rare for me :)

We got a late start on errands this morning because E actually slept in! She slept for a full nine hours last night, which is a huge improvement over to her typical six to seven hours. I was happy for the extra sleep and was still able to beat the lunch crowd at Central Market, so no harm done. We found everything we needed for the coming week, ran into a few friends, and snatched an iced raw cacao latte on our way out. All was going well and I happily breathed a sigh of relief for a successful unassisted market trip. Normally Chou and I go together (or occasionally Chou goes alone) on Saturdays because it's a lot to carry all of our groceries and E by myself. The stroller is really helpful for both the baby and the food, but it's challenging getting it into the market, not big enough to carry a week's worth of food, and almost impossible to navigate through the isles on a busy Saturday. Solo trips to market are challenging, so I was pleasantly surprised with how well we pulled it off this morning.

And then we got home.

Like Dominoes, everything came crashing down, piece by piece.

Cali, our wonderful dog, had gotten sick from one end of the dining room to the other.

In a feeble attempt to keep E out of the mess, I sat her down with the iced latte (it was pretty much a raw chocolate milk) while I grabbed everything from the car. I got our milk and meat into the fridge and just left the produce next to the door to deal with later. I ran upstairs for some towels and carpet cleaner, and came down to a puddle of chocolate in front of E. Clearly I should have known better, but at least I already had the towel and cleaner in hand.

I moved E to a chair and gave her a kefir smoothie while I tackled the mess. She sat and peacefully ate her lunch, and then asked to get down when she was done. I put her in the living room with strict instructions to stay there while I continued scrubbing the carpets. She's at an age where she's testing every word I speak, so she put one foot into the dining room, and gradually inched closer and closer to me, giving me an ornery little grin as she went. After a death glare from me, she gave up and sat down with some toys.

Not more than five minutes later, as I was finishing up with the carpets, I looked over to see her sitting in front of an open container of strawberries, red dripping out of her mouth, down her hands, and onto the carpet. Upon further inspection, she had taken at least one bite out of half the strawberries in the container.

At this point all I could do was laugh and grab a camera and a bib.

Somehow her brand new shirt came out unscathed. Miraculous! Her khakis weren't quite so fortunate.

And my carpet cleaner is AMAZING!! It completely took out the stains from the dog, the chocolate, and the strawberries. We use Sol-U-Mel from Melaleuca which is an all natural cleaner made from tea tree oil. I can't recommend it enough! We have very light carpets, three dogs, and a toddler. This stuff gets a workout in our house, and has yet to meet a stain it can't remove.

PS Mom, I need another bottle!

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