Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Only a toddler...

...pulls the dog's tail, and then whines because she has dog hair on her hand.

...thinks the chili is disgusting when I feed it to her, but digs in with two spoons and a fork (simultaneously) when allowed to feed herself. And proceeds to cover herself in said chili head to toe to floor in the process of devouring an entire bowl.

...starts to throw a fit, and then busts up laughing instead. 

...protests when you give her exactly what she asked for.

...feeds the dogs endless table scraps and then complains when they beg for her food.

...uses her car seat as a recliner when watching TV, but protests and arches her back when it's time to get in the car.

...puts the tortellini off to the side so that it's easier to pick out and eat all the kale in the soup. the most OCD person I know, and yet I spend 90% of my day cleaning up after her.

...can make me experience seemingly twenty conflicting emotions simultaneously, multiple times every day.

all examples from the last three days :)

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