Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bubble Baths

E loves baths! She has from the first time we were able to let her sit in a sink full of warm water. (We were all happy when her cord fell off and we could trade those annoying sponge baths in for real ones.) She has turned into a really happy kid, but it's still nice to have an activity or two that can turn a grump back into a giggler. Usually I'll take her out for a walk or to run errands to distract her if needed, but it's crucial to have an indoor activity that does the trick as well for those days when it's freezing/sleeting/just plain miserable. If it's terrible weather and we both need a break, I brew a cup of tea and draw up a warm bath and go sit with E while she plays in the tub. It's guaranteed to make us both feel wonderful! A few weeks ago I picked up some bubble bath for her to try out, and she's most definitely a fan. It's all natural Burt's Bees, so I'm okay with her playing in it and, unfortunately, eating it. It still has that awfully sweet bubble bath smell, I was hoping it wouldn't. I'll try a different brand next time, but for now this works!

inspecting the goods
tasting the goods

bubble goatee 

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