Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Top 10 Ways Having Dogs Will Prepare You For Having Kids

10. They have basic, daily needs that must be met no matter how busy you are. It seems like a no-brainer, but countless times we have made plans and then sometime later stopped and said, "but what are we going to do with the dogs?" From a night out after work to a weekend away, plans need to be made to meet their basic needs.

9. They leave their toys everywhere. Seriously. Titus loves to empty an entire bin to find one bone. Somehow, my dogs know how to spin in circles, roll over, and crawl across the floor backwards on command, but not to pick up their own toys. Hoping we don't repeat that training oversight with E ;)

8. They are instantly interested in whatever you're trying to clean up. A toy that was previously unnoticed is suddenly their favorite toy ever.

7. They know that the only reason you'd sit on the floor is to play with them. You would never sit on the floor to relax, do yoga, or watch TV. If you're on the floor, it's because you wanted to snuggle or play endless games with them.

6. You get used to dealing with poo.

5. They wake up at the same time on weekends as the weekdays. It takes some serious effort to convince dogs and babies to sleep in on Saturday mornings. We've pretty much given up.

4. They provide endless entertainment. Whether we're sitting at home with just the three of us or have a house full of friends, babies and puppies provide great conversation starters. Like the other morning when Chou and I were laughing hysterically watching E bend over with her butt in the air and face to the floor to eat her spilled peas straight off the floor. Or when she decides she doesn't like the current location of our coffee table and slides it into the adjacent dining room. Or when she lets out repeated shrieks and giggles just to hear the sound of her own voice. Or the evil little laugh she reserves only for terrorizing a sleeping dog.

3. They can always turn a bad day into a good day. On a day when nothing seems to go right and they only seem to be exacerbating the chaos, one smile, kiss, or tail wag can make you realize that life isn't that bad. Even on the worst days, there's nothing so bad that a smile from E can't fix it!

2. Our own will always be cuter and more loving than any one else's. Period.

1. They will always love you and are quick to forgive, even when you've had a rough day and haven't treated them as kindly as you should have.

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