Friday, February 22, 2013

Favorite Things Fridays - Music

This post is for E.

She amazes me with her love of music!  

I like music and love to have it playing during the day, but she loves it! She asks for it regularly by pointing to my laptop and dancing and snapping her fingers. She notices within a millisecond of Pandora timing-out, and will ask for it again.

And my favorite, she plays her own music on her Fisher Price Laugh & Learn puppy. It's a toy with multiple settings, playing games, singing songs, and teaching colors and body parts. She repeats her favorite songs by paging through multiple others until she gets back to the one she wants. Then she sings and dances to it, and repeats it again. And, as proof that she's my daughter, she also routinely skips the songs that she hates. So far, I have to say she's got great taste in music and I appreciate not having to hear bad songs repeatedly :)

Her favorite songs on the puppy are a catchy little song about colors and Head and Shoulders. She routinely skips the Itsy Bitsy Spider. How awesome is that?!

Blogger didn't want to let me upload a video, so a picture will have to suffice for today.

Dancing away!

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