Monday, February 11, 2013

Fourteen Months and Crazy!

Chou and I had our first relaxing weekend in what feels like a year! It was glorious. After having Chou away followed by an extra kid for a week, we were exhausted. We lounged around on Saturday and went to the mall that evening just to get out of the house. We're lame, I know, but the entire rest of the county was lame right along with us because the mall was packed. We forgot the stroller, so we got a great workout in as well :)

Yesterday (Sunday), E took two real naps and still slept well last night. That might be the first time ever. Even she needed a weekend! She's been busy as ever.

Some memorable E moments from the past week:

-She climbs the stairs way too efficiently! In the past week she's started playing upstairs, coming down occasionally to make sure I'm still here and then continuing to play upstairs. She's climbed straight over Titus and kept going. She's climbed with toys in both hands. I'll hear her at the top of the stairs and go over to spot her as she comes down, and she's already downstairs playing in the 0.2 seconds it takes me to get there. She's crazy and gives me frequent heart attacks.

-She really likes to take things apart and put them back together. Whether it's a travel mug, a stack of paper plates, or all the Tupperware we own, she's obsessed.

-She's learned to take caps off pens. The other morning she opened my eyeliner, several pens, and a highlighter, which she consumed before I found her.

-She's a hoarder and an organizer. She frequently puts her own things away, never to be found by me ever again. I've found stacks of cloth wipes underneath her changing table, underneath a dog bed, and there's still one I'm waiting to find, judging by how many wipes have up and left. Every morning within five minutes of getting dressed, she removes her socks and puts them in her bebePod seat (not sure why I'm still putting socks on her feet). Last night I cleaned out three days worth of socks from her seat, along with shoes, her water, and a dog bone that I didn't even know was under the socks. My purse felt a little heavy on Friday so I looked in and found another dog bone.

Collecting bones
Hoarding and playing. There's a dog bone under there somewhere.
 -She's currently obsessed with her bebePod. She spends hours climbing in and out and sitting in it. Not sure why it's suddenly so interesting.

-She can finally point to her nose (most the time) without accidentally landing her finger in her mouth instead. She also has learned where her ears are.

-She loves putting things on her head, from hats to blankets to clothes. She likes crawling around blindly and laughing hysterically when she "accidentally" runs into the dogs. However, if I put a hat or bow on her it immediately comes off.

-She loves stuffed animals and dolls. She'll give her doll a bottle and a pacifier (neither of which she's ever had herself) and she likes to give the doll her favorite teether as well. Seriously, where does she learn this stuff?

-Tooth #6 will be here any day now. She's been biting everything, but hasn't had any trouble with sleep or grumpiness.

 -Chou's gotten tired of her unwillingness to walk, so he's been strongly encouraging her to get up. She humored him by sauntering the whole way across the dining room yesterday, but still views walking as more entertainment than transportation. She's never once taken a step without prodding from us. I'm fine with her not walking for like another year, so whatever they work out is fine with me ;)

-She said thank you in Mandarin yesterday. Only appropriate to celebrate Chinese New Year with a little Chinese.

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